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Q. Are you guys affiliated with the Department of Motor Vehicles?

A.Wisdom & Authority Title Solutions isn't affiliated with the Department of Motor Vehicles. While Wisdom & Authority Title Solutions is separate from the Department of Motor Vehicles, we maintain a close relationship with DMV agents in all 50 states.

Q.What types of services do you provide?

A. We provide vehicle title processing,  boat titling. From time to time we get inquiries about real estate titling. WE DON'T OFFER ANY SERVICES PERTAINING TO REAL ESTATE. The only titling that we do that is close to real estate is titling of mobile homes only.

Q. Is there a charge for your services?

A.Yes, there is a charge for our services. We also provide free quotes to those interested in utilizing our services. Our fees vary depending upon the service you are needing.  

Q. Can you tell me what I need to title and register my vehicle?

A.This is a very broad question; as every Department of Motor Vehicle center is different; and not all DMVs require the same thing. For simplicity, if you want us to title and register your vehicle, we will discuss DMV fees and the necessary documents . However if you wish to visit the DMV for your transaction needs or have any questions pertaining to your record you are advised to contact the DMV in your state. If you are trying to reach the VA DMV, their phone number is (804) 497-7100.

Q. I'm thinking about buying a vehicle, but the person selling it may not be the owner and doesn't have a title, can you check and let me know if there is a lien on the vehicle and who the owner is?

A. We are unable to pull records on a vehicle at random; as we MUST COMPLY WITH DMV PRIVACY LAWS. We only pull records and do title searches for transactions that we are processing and the need for title and record searches are required. 

Q. Are you licensed? Will my documents be protected?

A. Wisdom & Authority Title Solutions is licensed, insured and we are E&O covered as well. We ensure the safety and confidentiality of credentials that are in our care.Titles, registrations, plates, etc. are delicate items and must be handled as such. In the event there is a mistake on a title or document that we have processed; we'll get it corrected. In the event a title and or registration is destroyed; a replacement will be taken care of as well.

Q. How long does it take for you to complete my transaction?

A. The timing of a transaction depends on the type of service that is being rendered. A few services can be offered same day, some within 1-3 business days and others longer. Clients are provided with an ETA for their service, before and upon ordering a service.

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